Do you want to be a programmer? then you have to be 100% self-taught

Did you know that 70% of what we know we learned outside of school?

A self-taught person is who through his own means and voluntarily begins to train in a certain discipline, in this case we will talk about how to be a good self-taught programmer…

One of the first steps we must take as a new programmer is to go and open an account on GitHub.

Github is a web platform to host repositories of code using the Git system, one of the many advantages of using this platform is that many developers have their projects publicly on Github, it is possible to access their code, read it, study it and learn of it, and you could even make changes and experiment without affecting the original code.

It is already very repetitive that they recommend us to read, but that means that they recommend us to read so much, will it really work?

Thanks to the Internet, programmers can obtain endless books of any kind, from object-oriented programming to videogame development. The ideal is always to have a book on hand or on your phone in PDF format. I recommend not only read books if you do not read all kinds of things, tweets, blogs, magazines, Facebook ads, leaflets distributed in the university, but remember to read from an analytical point of view not only read by reading.

If you are one of those who learn visually, that is, with videos and tutorials…

As I said above, the Internet provides us with a host of tools that help us learn how to program, in this case we will talk about the FREE courses that are on the Internet. Specifically on YouTube to very good courses that teach us from the least and in detail the world of programming in any language. So after each college programming class, he looks for more examples, more methods than what the teacher dictates.

As a programmer he participates in projects.

Take challenges with your friends, develop competitions with your fellow program delivery every week. Study every day if possible, do not skip exercises that you think you can not do. Remember that we have the Internet and we always get a solution to everything.

Backend developer from The Venezuela. Crypto enthusiast.